The Smile “A Light For Attracting Attention”: Odličan novi album Radioheada


The Smile
A Light For Attracting Attention

Datum izdanja: 13.05.2022.

Izdavač: XL Recordings

Žanr: Alternativni rock, Art-Rock, Eksperimental, Elektronika, Pop Rock, Post-Punk

Naša ocjena:

Popis pjesama:

  1. The Same
  2. The Opposite
  3. You Will Never Work In Television Again
  4. Pana-vision
  5. The Smoke
  6. Speech Bubbles
  7. Thin Thing
  8. Open The Floodgates
  9. Free In The Knowledge
  10. A Hairdryer
  11. Waving A White Flag
  12. We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings
  13. Skrting On The Surface

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